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Commercial enterprises in Clason Point and the surrounding region all know they can trust Clason Point NY Locksmith Storewith their access management concerns and security issues, because of our consistent history of providing high-quality service in the area. If your business should become victimized by a lost or broken lock, or any other kind of access issues, we are the company to call.  

Our locksmith technicians are working tirelessly in the Clason Point area to provide the very best commercial locksmith services to area businesses. Because we provide 24-hour on-demand service, our mobile units can be at your location anywhere in the Bronx area promptly to restore access to your important business areas, and resolve your security issues.  

We make it a point to serve area businesses with the fastest and most reliable locksmith services for all our commercial clients. Everything from repairing or replacing old locks to cutting off old rusty padlocks to opening and unlocking file cabinets is well within our area of expertise. Our highly trained and well-qualified technicians can arrive at your location promptly, fully prepared to do the job right the very first time.  

Lock Changes  

Most small businesses have very tight budgets, and that means that you simply can’t afford to sustain business losses due to inadequate security. Something simple like the installation of magnet locks could be all you need to secure your premises and protect your business from financial losses. On the other hand, if your business requires a complete overnight conversion of all locks on the premises, Clason Point NY Locksmith Store, technicians can handle that smoothly and promptly as well.

Call us at 718-509-0756 for a free consultation today.  

Lock Damage  

Wear and tear of your business locks is pretty much unavoidable, and if it gets to the point where they become inoperable, those damaged locks can effectively shut down a business because access to key areas is prevented. If this happens to your business, call Clason Point NY Locksmith Store so that one of our technicians can arrive quickly at your site to make the necessary repairs or replacements to your locks.  

Safe/Cabinet Locks  

Equipment which is intended to restrict access to vital business assets can sometimes malfunction and prevent authorized access to those areas. If your filing cabinets or safes should malfunction like this, one of our Clason Point NY Locksmith Store technicians is only a phone call away, ready to restore needed access.  

Emergency Exit Lock  

One of the things building inspectors look closely at are your emergency exit locks, because they’re vital to the security of your premises. If these are not found to be in good working order, fines and other penalties may be levied against your business. This makes it worth your while to check on emergency exit locks periodically, and when anything is found to be amiss, you should call us right away.  

Key Replacement  

If you should lose a key to your business enterprise, it can bring things to a grinding halt because you no longer have access to inventory, equipment, and possibly even company vehicles which are required for the successful operation of your business. A quick call to Clason Point NY Locksmith Store can re-establish necessary access by replacing or repairing any lost or damaged keys. Anytime of day, every day of the year, we are available to answer your call.  

Master Key Systems  

If you’re seeking to have a master key system implemented at your business premises, an Clason Point NY Locksmith Store specialist will be fully capable of expert installation. With this kind of system, your company’s most important trade secrets and assets can be put in the hands of those employees you trust the most. Our Clason Point NY Locksmith Store locksmiths can also implement for you a sub-master key system, which assigns levels of access by job responsibility.  

The commercial services we provide are used by many local area businesses including the following:  

  •  Restaurants
  •  Office Spaces
  •  Assisted Living Care Centers
  •  Business Outlets
  •  Schools / Universities
  •  Hotels / Motels
  •  Hospitals
  •  Apartments
  •  Banks  

We’ve been helping area businesses at Clason Point NY Locksmith Store for many years now, and we have helped to design and install many multi-layered security systems for our clients. We also provide such on-demand commercial services as service and re-programming for digital locks, installation of buzzer systems, and unlocking or repairing different types of safes. These and other security concerns are specialties of our expert technicians, so whatever your security challenges are in the Clason Point area, you should make us your first call.